FOR RELEASE: January 19, 2010

EMD Announces New Traction Motor Rebuild Facility

Electro-Motive Diesel has begun construction of a new facility to rebuild traction motors and other electrical equipment. This decision marks the Company’s ongoing commitment to supporting its worldwide customer base.

EMD Mexico

January 19, 2010; LaGrange, IL
Electro-Motive Diesel, Inc. announced today that it is constructing a facility to rebuild traction motors and other electrical equipment in San Luis Potosi Mexico.  The announcement is an important element in the Company’s strategy of ensuring high reliability for the entire EMD fleet.

“This new traction motor rebuilding facility will be the best in North America,” said John S. Hamilton, President and CEO of Electro-Motive Diesel.  “With nearly 24,000 EMD locomotives in operation throughout North America, the San Luis Potosi operation will be uniquely positioned to enhance the reliability of every one of them.”

The city of San Luis Potosi is the capital and most populous city in the state of San Luis Potosi and lies at the crossroads of distribution, commercialization, and import-export activities between its cities, borders and ports.  It is also considered one of the most important railway centers in Mexico, due both to the number of rail-oriented workshops and the combined length of installed track.

“EMD continues to invest extensively in providing after-sales service.  We have previously established turbocharger and engine remanufacturing capabilities, and this broadens our services extensively,” said Hamilton.  “Traction motor maintenance is one of the most significant railroad operating expenses.  The new EMD rebuild facility will provide customers with the OEM features, quality, and reliability necessary to maximize traction motor efficiency for their locomotives.”

Martha Elena Meade Espinoza, Secretary of Economic Development for the State of San Luis Potosi, added “We are delighted that a global leader in the railway business like EMD has chosen to locate in San Luis Potosi.  EMD selected this location due to our skilled and competitive workforce, long experience in the railway business, and the modern transportation and logistics infrastructure that will permit EMD to serve its customer base.”

The new EMD facility will occupy over 110,000 square feet.  Initial operations will begin in March 2010 and at full capacity are expected to employ over 150 people.  The building is located in the Tres Naciones Industrial Park, which provides the infrastructure for over forty industries from eleven countries.

About Electro-Motive Diesel, Inc.
Founded in 1922, Electro-Motive is one of two U.S. original equipment manufacturers of diesel-electric locomotives.  Headquartered in LaGrange, Illinois, with additional facilities in London, Ontario, EMD designs, manufactures and sells diesel-electric locomotives for all commercial railroad applications and has sold its products in more than 70 countries worldwide.  The Company is the only diesel-electric locomotive manufacturer to have produced more than 70,000 engines and has the largest installed base in both North America and worldwide.  In addition to its manufacturing activities, EMD has an extensive aftermarket business offering customers replacement parts, maintenance solutions, and a range of value-added services.  The Company is also a global provider of diesel engines for marine propulsion, offshore and land-based oil well drilling rigs, and stationary power generation.  Additional information may be found at


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