FOR RELEASE: June 22, 2009

KCS Rolls Out EMD 710ECO™ Repower Locomotives

— Electro-Motive Diesel has begun delivery of 710ECO™ Repower units to
Kansas City Southern, upgrading older locomotives to emissions levels better
than EPA Tier 2, cutting fuel consumption, and improving all-around operational flexibility —


June 22, 2009, LaGrange, IL
Electro-Motive Diesel, Inc. announced today that Kansas City Southern (KCS) has taken receipt of the first units of orders for twenty-seven of its 710ECO™ Repower locomotives.  This allows KCS to convert a group of tired GP40 and SD40 locomotives into EMD GP22ECO and SD22ECO repower units as well as GP22ECO-M mother/slug combinations – providing the ultimate operating flexibility for the locomotives, which will be deployed in both The Kansas City Southern Railway Company (KCSR) and Kansas City Southern de Mexico, S.A. de C.V. (KCSM) systems.

“The 710ECO™ Repower solution provides a unique combination of emissions reduction, fuel savings, and locomotive reliability,” said Scott Arvidson, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of KCSR.  “Those were key factors in the decision, allowing KCS to meet our commitment to continuously improve railroad operations while simultaneously addressing future environmental concerns.”

The 710ECO™ Repower locomotives minimize fuel consumption while maintaining emissions compliance.  25% fuel savings and 50% lube oil reductions are especially important for railroads facing rapidly escalating costs.  And up to 70% reduction in emissions makes them eligible for both state and federal funding as clean air projects—meeting all relevant criteria with a cost effective solution.

“Shifting market conditions, high fuel costs, and more stringent environmental regulations are posing difficult challenges for railroad operations,” said John Hamilton, President and CEO of Electro-Motive Diesel, Inc.  “By implementing the 710ECO™ Repower solution, KCS has taken a leadership role in demonstrating how the latest locomotive technology can effectively accommodate these conflicting demands.”

710ECO™ Repower Locomotive Highlights
This new solution allows railroads to leverage their fleet investment by updating older yard and road switchers with the latest microprocessor-controlled locomotive engine technology, for lower emissions, increased fuel economy, greater reliability, easier serviceability, and predictable maintenance costs.

Reduced Emissions with Fuel Efficiency - The 710ECO™ Repower engine is certified to EPA Tier 2 locomotive standards and performs to even better levels.  This environmentally friendly performance is achieved with up to 25% savings in fuel consumption and over 50% lube oil savings—augmented by a fully-integrated Automatic Engine Start Stop (AESS) system.

Locomotive Reliability - The proven EMD 710 diesel engine has a 20 year record of reliability and serviceability in rugged locomotive applications.  Its 15,000MWh overhaul cycle outlasts multiple-engine, genset solutions.  And 90% parts commonality with existing fleets reduces spares inventory and makes service simple, with familiar tools and procedures.

Microprocessor Control – EMD has installed its microprocessor-based control system in over 5000 locomotives.  The 710ECO™ Repower version operates all engine diagnostics and protects against excessive wheel slippage, to maximize tractive effort in all conditions.  And the flexible software platform allows engines to be tuned for future emission compliance.


About Electro-Motive Diesel, Inc.
Founded in 1922, Electro-Motive is one of two U.S. original equipment manufacturers of diesel-electric locomotives.  Headquartered in LaGrange, Illinois, with additional facilities in London, Ontario, EMD designs, manufactures and sells diesel-electric locomotives for all commercial railroad applications and has sold its products in more than 70 countries worldwide.  The Company is the only diesel-electric locomotive manufacturer to have produced more than 70,000 engines and has the largest installed base of diesel-electric locomotives in both North America and worldwide.  In addition to its locomotive manufacturing activities, EMD has an extensive aftermarket business offering customers replacement parts, maintenance solutions, and a range of value-added services for its locomotives.  The Company is also a global provider of diesel engines for marine propulsion, offshore and land-based oil well drilling rigs, and stationary power generation.  

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