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EMD India 50 Years

1961 EMD's business relationship with Indian Railways dates back to 1959 when IR orders 127 GA-12 Locomotives.
The contract for the delivery of 21 GT46MAC locomotives to India was signed, as well as the technology and expertise behind the locomotives.
At a time when other locomotive manufacturers were unwilling to transfer their technology to Indian Railways, EMD successfully transferred state-of-the-art technology to Diesel Locomotive Works (DLW).
EMD's business relationship includes the technology and expertise behind the delivery of freight and passenger locomotives to India.
India locally produced the first micro processor controlled, 4000 HP locomotive of EMD design at DLW.
GT46 PAC The first GT46PAC was locally produced and put into passenger service.
IGBT The GT46ACe is created with the introduction a new 4500HP IGBT AC traction system as a further improvement to the GT46MAC locomotive.
The production of over 200 diesel locomotives at the DLW plant in Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh.

Today, EMD's equipment is deemed highly reliable by IR, with an impressive availability rate of
Electro-Motive Milestone 50 years Celebrating 50 years of bringing the latest Diesel Locomotive Technology to Indian Railways

EMD and DLW have been actively working together to constantly upgrade and improve on the technology, with the introduction of new and higher horse power (HP) diesel locomotive. Read More >