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Today's rail environment requires more than just high horsepower, tractive effort and speed. It also calls for reliability, fuel efficiency, emission control and ease of maintenance. And that's just what Electro-Motive's new 16-cylinder, 4-cycle, GM16V265 H-Engine delivers.

EMD's new H-Engine has emerged from a unique synchronous development process: Design engineers and manufacturing engineers worked together from the start to make sure that this new high-performance prime mover could be built, operated and maintained with unprecedented power and performance.

H-Engine Specifications
6300 BHP at 1000 rpm

With AC traction, this means substantially higher tractive effort and adhesion plus increased engine durability, all in existing EMD locomotive platforms. One unit replaces two 3000 HP models.

265 mm bore; 300 mm stroke

Bigger pistons and shorter piston travel mean lower piston speed for reduced component wear and longer life.

Cast ductile iron crankcase

Stronger than the conventional fabricated-steel crankcase, this innovation enables the H-Engine to withstand the stresses of higher horsepower operation.

EMD designed twin turbochargers

For better fuel economy and improved response.

Hydraulic tensioning

This feature enables fasteners to be installed without distortion of components or of the fasteners themselves.

Single inboard sectioned camshaft

The result of totally dedicated design effort, this internal camshaft location allows for increased aftercooling capacity and frees up space for future enhancements without the need to expand the total engine profile.

Ductile iron cross-flow cylinder head

For faster and more efficient removal of exhaust gases. Results include more complete combustion, higher fuel efficiency and reduced exhaust emissions.

Power-pack concept

The H-Engine retains EMD's popular feature enabling rod, liner, piston and head to be removed as a unit for simplified maintenance.

Antifreeze cooling system

Enables engine to be shut down without draining of coolant.

Pump-short line-nozzle fuel injection

A standard item for 4-stroke engines, this feature adds reliability as well as fuel economy.