EMD: Welcome to Electro-Motive

For more than 90 years Electro-Motive has provided quality products and services to the railroad industry worldwide. EMD continues this proud history by producing freight, passenger, and road-switching locomotives for use in the U.S. and abroad.


Our SD70ACe freight locomotive offers proven AC technology, sophisticated microprocessor controls, advanced safety features, easier maintenance and accessibility, radial and conventional trucks, and extended maintenance cycles that reduce overall costs.

By offering a wide range of features and technologies, we deliver locomotives that meet specific customer requirements - with performance and reliability that our customers demand.

Internationally, EMD performance knows no borders. We are bringing the full range of EMD products and services to all parts of the world, including transfer of technology agreements, and servicing what we provide through our network of international associates, partners and licensees.

EMD’s passenger locomotive offerings include high-speed operation (up to 125 mph), for intercity and commuter operations. We incorporate cutting edge technologies such as Crash Energy Management (CEM), regenerative braking,inverter-driven Head End Power (HEP) and Positive Train Control (PTC) compatibility.

At home and abroad, we listen closely to our customers and use the latest technologies to lead the railroad industry. See our Locomotive Innovations section.