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For over 90 years, Electro-Motive has designed and manufactured all types of locomotives unmatched in value and innovation. In fact, we've delivered more than 62,000 EMD-Powered locomotives to some 75 countries around the globe. While Caterpillar is the worlds largest producer of diesel and gas engines.

While these are impressive, our new F125 high speed passenger locomotive offers impressive numbers of its own...

It's the first new EPA Tier 4 passenger locomotive to be sold in the world. At 125mph, it's the fastest diesel-electric locomotive in North America. And, in spite of its impressive 4,700 horses of pulling power, it weighs only 280,000 pounds - the lightest locomotive of its type anywhere.

Powered by a Caterpillar C175 series engine, our new F125 passenger locomotive is fast, clean and efficient. We've packaged important safety features into this powerhouse like... Crash Energy Management (CEM), using advanced world class engineering techniques from Vossloh Rail Vehicles - our partners in design and manufacture of high speed components.

In keeping with the uniquely American stories of EMD, Progress Rail and Caterpillar, the F125 also complies with Buy America regulations.

The long and diverse manufacturing history, the depth and breadth of our combined engineering and the unique way it all comes together, make for an impressive story. And in this case, also makes for impressive numbers.

Our full range of service solutions targeted at improved performance will provide lasting benefits and can be applied to new locomotives as well as those currently in service.

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