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Patented Radial Truck

Electro-Motive Diesel's patented three axle radial truck is a major advancement in locomotive suspension and adhesion. A whole generation ahead of its competitors, EMD's breakthrough radial truck technology...

  • Slashes locomotive operating and life-cycle costs
  • Improves locomotive adhesion and performance
  • Eliminates many conventional truck components
  • Extends locomotive component and track life
  • Improves ride quality

Conventional   Patented Radial Truck
Wheels mounted in a conventional rigid truck cannot conform to curves. Their flanges bite into the gauge face of the rail, wearing metal from both surfaces.   The EMD radial truck reduces the angle of attack, and literally steers through curves, keeping wheels parallel to the direction of the track.
Simplified Design Eliminates Parts and Maintenance

Because its steering feature eliminates several major sources of truck stress and shock, the EMD radial truck dispenses with more than a half dozen components. The radial truck has no bolster, no chafing plates, no pedestal liners, no traction motor nose pack and no center-bowl liner to inspect, maintain or replace. Downtime is minimized and truck maintenance is reduced due to the elimination of weld buildup and machining of truck pedestals.