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EMD: Welcome to Electro-Motive
Performance Specifications
  • 4,300 THP locomotive equipped with EMD's 16-710G3C-T3 engine
  • EPA Tier-3 emissions certified
  • Tractive and braking effort capability
    • 155,000 lbs continuous TE
    • 189,000 lbs starting TE
    • 105,000 lbs braking effort
Performance Impact
  • The SD70ACe provides unit reduction, fuel savings and additional revenue tonnage capability
  • Train simulation results indicate:
    • 3 SD70ACe's can replace 5 SD40-2's in high tractive effort operations
    • Operation of fewer units results in significant maintenance and operating saving
Reliability and Serviceability
  • Familiar 710 engine
    • No new tooling or training required
    • New hood tilts up for easy access
  • Less scheduled maintenance
    • 184-day maintenance intervals
    • Alternator fuses replaced by solid state electronics
    • Spin-on fuel and electronics display filters eliminated
  • New predictive and diagnostic tools available
    • Remaining fuel filter life
    • Cooling system status
    • Power assembly health
  • AC motors extend traction motor life
    • No running maintenance required
    • No brushes or commutator to maintain
    • No flashovers/ground relays
  • Truck inverter control
    • High level of reliability with fewer parts
    • IGBT inverter technology
  • HTSC Bolsterless Truck
    • Designed for one million miles between overhauls
    • Reduced maintenance due to fewer parts
  • Gen3 FIRE System
    • Transreflective LCD color display for enhanced readability
    • Provides a single integrated archive for ease of maintenance and troubleshooting
    • Based on an open architecture which supports numerous 3rd party applications
    • Various wireless communications packages available (Cellular, Wireless LAN, etc) to support IntelliTrain and Locomotive Management Services
Safety Aspects
  • Integral safety lockouts and discharge systems for inverter system
  • Satisfies all FRA/AAR crashworthiness requirements
    • Impact resistant fuel tank minimizes spills and leakage
    • One million pound buff load capacity
    • Full height collision posts with combined one million pounds resistance for increased crew protection
    • Frame mounted anti-climbers improve crew and equipment protection